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Interest Rates applicable on NRE Deposits (in % per annum)
(With effect from February 6th, 2023)

PeriodRate of Interest (%)Rate of Interest on Single Term Deposit of Rs 15 Lacs and Above (%)
12 months 5.505.75
Above 12 months upto 18 months7.107.30
Above 18 months upto 36 months7.307.45
Above 36 months upto 60 months6.856.95
BCCB Simply Save Deposit Scheme for 18 months (effective from 12.07.2018)7.407.40
BCCB-400-Days-FDR (Simple Interest)DiscontinuedDiscontinued
BCCB-2020-RD-43 Months6.756.75
SPECIAL SCHEME upto 31st March 2023
BCCB-450-Days FDR  (Simple Interest)8.008.00